Why is it important technology implementation at school ?

How important technology implementation at school?
            If we take a look according to the ‘Factors that determine School Effectiveness (World Bank)’, according to the main issue of Indonesian school that education technology is one of the issues as one part in Teaching and Learning activities from some factors that school can be effective.
When talk about technology implementation at school, technology quite very important for school especially in this modern and globalization era. And one of the technologies that very close with school is Internet or technology of information.

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“With Internet, Worldwide information is like grasped by our hands”
            And even some extracurricular at school use internet to support their activities like blog or facebook. And also the most popular thing in internet is Google; everyone knows that Google is the best web browser in the world that is built by Sergei Brin and Larry Page. Google can help students for browsing worldwide information. How do we can access internet? Computer. Computer can be said as the primary technology at school for accessing Internet.

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             The fact that technology is very important is incontrovertible fact. Imagine if we live without technology and we study at school without technology, and it might be terrified if we imagine that because we have a lot of habit of it. Using technology in education was an intense topic of speculation, because some teachers concern that technology can make students accessing bad matters in certainty time and even depending technology. We have to understand that technology is quite important, through technology we can obtain varies good experiences for students at school. Result of research that was done by an organization showed that educational interaction with technology makes our life better than before. And through technology students can improve their abilities and imagination with training technology.

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            Technology at school can be related with the fact that through interactive mentor video, PowerPoint presentation using InFocus and direct explanation of science. And even students can develop better understanding in varies of school subjects. And also conferencing video is very effective solution for absent teachers to give important mentor for students that teachers are physically not in the classroom. And also with educational technology can help people with abnormal physic to access information from Internet.
(Source: Facebook Group of IPMAKA SMA NEGERI 11 GARUT)

How important technology is for education? This answer can be answered by remembering the fact that the existing of technology at school has made a simple process administration. School notes, absence, and basic school data maintenance become simpler, and make education system simpler. I believe that every job profile require technology. There are two sides of utilizing technology for education at school, because if we analyze that pro is bigger that contra about utilizing technology for education at school, and finally we decided that technology for education is such a inevitable necessity for today. What is your idea about this? We’ll wait for your comments and share your idea with millions readers!
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